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Speaking Engagements

My talks cover a broad spectrum of venues, from expansive university auditoriums and corporate settings to intimate spaces like religious gatherings or private events. 

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Dating & Relationships

  • “Common sense” versus the actual science of attachment, intimacy and compatibility

  • The dance between swipes, ghosting and the quest for genuine connection  

  • Exploring attachment styles and how we bond, understand intimacy and emotional security

  • Understanding the balance between chemistry and compatibility in the long-term success of a relationship

  • Maintaining a strong sense of self-worth as the cornerstone to attracting and sustaining a healthy relationship

  • Self-worth as the magnetic force that not only attracts but also sustains a healthy relationship

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Communication & Conflict

  • Transcending the limits of self-focused communication, shifting from a desire to be understood and instead mastering the art of listening to  understand

  • Learning to acknowledge when we have false assumptions about the other person’s intentions and motives – and being willing to change those assumptions

  • Choosing to confront, rather than sidestep, conflict in order to preserve genuine peace and deepen understanding

  • Transitioning from opponents to teammates by learning how to allow multiple realities to coexist at the same time

  • Unpacking the inherent tension between seeking closeness and valuing independence – learning to navigate the delicate balance between intimacy and the need for personal autonomy

  • Shifting away from armchair psychology and the tendency to diagnose those around us, and instead focusing on personal growth and self-improvement

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Personal Growth & Well-Being

  • Channeling your energy into self-development and making yourself the ideal partner, rather than endlessly searching for “The One”

  • Courageously embracing vulnerability as the necessary gamble that ultimately leads to love and genuine connection 

  • Welcoming singlehood as a necessary and foundational step for healthier relationships – both with yourself and with others

  • Cultivating emotional maturity within yourself by learning emotional regulation, fostering resilience, and responding (rather than reacting) to life’s challenges

"Dr. Nura is an alchemist of the heart - transmuting audience fears and doubts into clarity and certitude."

-Rex Widmer
VP of Product at
Global Medical Response

"Nura's compassionate approach and keen insights have enhanced our ability to address delicate subjects"

-Nava Kavelin
CEO of Ninth Mode
& Host on "Podcrushed"

"I could have saved a lot of pain and struggle had I been able to learn from Nura's insights and coaching"

-Jamey Heath
CEO of Wayfarer Studios
& Host on "Man Enough"

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Speaking Highlights

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Media & Press Bio

Psychotherapist Nura Mowzoon has been helping couples and individuals with their relationships for more than a decade. She holds a B.S. in Family Studies & Child Development, and a Ph. D. in Marriage & Family Therapy. She is also an instructor at Arizona State University, and the co-creator of “can we talk?”, a platform where she and her co-speaker visit university campuses around the country exploring the power of meaningful conversations in creating social change. Learn more at, or follow her @drnuramowzoon on social media platforms.

Interested in bringing Can We Talk with Dr. Nura & Penn Badgley to your school or organization? Click here!

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