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About Dr. Mowzoon


"I feel couples are the links of society: they are the nucleus of society as a whole. If the couple is strong, the family is strong. If the family is strong, the fabric of society becomes strong. To get to the root of what is going on in society today, I believe working on relationships is at the core."


– Dr. Nura Mowzoon



Dr. Mowzoon is based outside of Phoenix, Arizona. She  has over 10 years of experience in helping couples and individuals develop relationship skills.

Dr. Mowzoon completed her Doctoral and Master's degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her training at Nova Southeastern University also included a specialization in Medical  Family Therapy and a post-doctoral certificate in hypnotherapy. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Child Development, with a minor in  Psychology, at Arizona State University. Currently an instructor at Arizona State  University, Dr. Mowzoon teaches classes in the social sciences focusing on courtship, marriage, family life, and race and diversity issues. She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, has presented at conferences around the country, and is also a published author in the highly respected academic journal, The Qualitative Review.


Dr. Mowzoon grew up in a multicultural family: Her mother is Persian and her father has Irish, Scottish, German and Native American roots. Being part of her parents' journey as they navigated the waters of blending their two cultures together was an important part of her life, and this experience inspired her passion and interest in working with couples and individuals looking for love. As a member of the Bahá’í Faith, she enjoys participating in individual and community efforts that work towards the prosperity and betterment of humanity. 





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