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This woman is magic. If you want help uncovering your true self, finding or becoming a wonderful partner, or working on your relationship, this is the woman to see. She is deeply insightful, and has a profound understanding of the human condition. You will be seen and heard and helped. And if you don't live in her area, she can coach you over the phone or by Skype. Dr. Nura Mowzoon is a source of enduring healing. 


- Jasmin


Dr. Mowzoon has a unique and innate ability to connect with people.  Her intuitive ability to understand situations allows her to provide more specialized assistance to her clients.  My first conversation with her has stayed with me for several years.  She was able to understand the circumstances I described in totality with very little effort.  However, what struck me the most about her was the genuine compassion that informed her approach.  Her guidance was straightforward yet so abundantly loving, that I walked away feeling confident with the path to pursue.  Dr. Mowzoon is invested in empowering those she works with to build happy and healthy lives for themselves and for their families. She has my highest recommendation.


- Judy


Nura is my go-to point of contact to discuss the most difficult matters of the heart and mind. Her professionalism, her expertise and her wisdom alone have made her stand out as a counselor. There is no situation that I have presented to her that she could not assist me to handle successfully. She just 'gets it'.


                                         – Mona


During the time I have known Dr. Mowzoon, she has been a thoughtful and encouraging counsellor, providing comfort and guidance during some of my most difficult trials. Her sensitivity, patience, and compassion enable her to offer deep insight and strong advice, while her integrity and generosity distinguish her as a trusted companion, ally and confidant. I have cherished my conversations with Dr. Mowzoon, and believe that she will continue to provide valuable counsel in the years to come.

 – Zach


Dr. Mowzoon is not only attuned to the forces that play a part in determining our reactions towards our daily experiences but she equips you with the tools you need to navigate the most difficult situations. She has time and time again provided comfort, insight and understanding during our consultations that have proved to be priceless. I cannot thank her enough for the guidance she was able to provide during our sessions.


                                         – Amanda


I’ve spent the last 10 years unlearning what society and my family of origin taught me about who I am as a woman. A significant amount of this unlearning has been in the realm of who I am as a woman in relation to men. I was making some progress here and there, blindly feeling my way around an inner landscape I didn’t really understand… when along came Nura, with a veritable flood lamp of insight, wisdom, and guidance. I like to call her my feminine Sherpa - someone who knows the landscape, is WAY stronger and more experienced than you are, and who teaches you how to climb that huge mountain by accompanying you on the trek. Nura has the ability to see what’s going on in your inner landscape, paint of picture of it, and draw you a map of how to get to higher ground. She does this by creating a complete and unequivocally safe space for you to be who you are. As she did this for me, it somehow enabled my inner self to show up, and I would find myself expressing sentiments and feelings that I’d never felt safe enough to express before. She brought out my vulnerability, which is my gem, and was the missing piece of the puzzle of me. She modeled for me what strong, beautiful, gentle, vibrant, confident femininity looks like, and counseled me through the process of allowing this part of myself to show up. She created the space and the conditions that allowed my own vulnerability and beauty to blossom, which lead to many changes in my life, including my recent marriage. While this inner (and subsequently outer) transformation eventually resulted in a loving, committed relationship with a great man, the most important result was my relationship with myself. That is something no one and nothing can ever take away from me, and it is a deep source of strength and peace. This is what Nura led me to – Myself. And for that, I am eternally grateful.



– Rebecca


"My husband and I attended a marriage seminar that Dr. Nura Mowzoon was conducting and were amazed at her ability to take couples who had been married 10 + years and discuss intimate and thought provoking topics with such grace and ease.  Her warm rapport and use of humor allowed all the participants a relaxed environment where they felt free to speak freely.  In the seminar some comments that were made seemed to cause eyebrows to be raised by other participants, but Nura was not at all flustered from these comments and explored thoughts when she thought it was appropriate. Her facilitation of the seminar helped us develop our communication and consider aspects of our marriage that we had not attended to in quite a while, strengthening our relationship.  My husband and I would strongly recommend Dr. Nura Mowzoon for any seminar or counselling situation because of her empathetic yet practical approach and her unique perspectives that allow for realistic analysis of a marriage by the participants."


– Susan

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