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My Approach


I see each couple and each person as unique. My coaching will be tailored to your particular needs and concerns, ensuring that the time we spend in sessions is used to help you as effectively as possible. Of course, all coaching sessions are confidential.




If you are an individual preparing for a healthy relationship, our sessions together will explore what you envision as your ideal relationship, and delve into the steps it would take for you to achieve that. We would work towards getting you into the best emotional, mental, and spiritual place  for you to find a healthy match.

Please note that I am not a matchmaker, and would not be working in the capacity of introducing you to people. 

My goal is for you to fire me

While I do not rush through the coaching process, my goal is to help you get to a better place as soon as possible.


Contrary to popular belief, the therapeutic process does not have to take several months or years to be effective.


You have the tools you need to achieve your goals, and you will likely begin to see improvements in your life after the first few sessions.



Our sessions will delve into your dynamic as a couple, as well as your strengths, challenges you are facing, and your goals. We will discuss practical suggestions and ideas that can be implemented into your lives, and will work through potential solutions that will then have positive ripple effects in your relationship. 

This can be challenging

for you, and

I am here to support you

How I see 

people and


I take a systemic approach towards coaching, in that I view the way you behave, think and interact with other people as a product of many different factors and influences in your life.  Much like the different parts of a tapestry weave together to create a larger picture,


I believe that the various aspects of your life, including love, spirituality, finances, career and intimacy, weave together to influence the presenting issues you are dealing with.


My job is to help you, as a couple or an individual, make changes in the overall pattern of the tapestry of your life that will then create positive, beneficial changes overall.  

Dealing with issues of the heart can be very difficult, and requires a great deal of trust and vulnerability. During this sensitive time, you would experience great care and attention to help you reach a better place of understanding, self-awareness, fulfillment and happiness. 

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